38 Years of Experience: A Look at Some of Our Past Projects

38 Years of Experience: A Look at Some of Our Past Projects

With over 38 years of experience in the architecture and interior design industry, Artech Design Group has been involved in numerous successful projects that have left a lasting impact on Chattanooga, Tennessee, along with North Georgia and Alabama. Our mission to enhance client success and implement green technology and design concepts has made us a trusted name in the industry. In this blog, we showcase some of our remarkable projects that highlight our expertise in architecture and interior design.


Tomorrow Building — Chattanooga, Tennessee

The iconic Tomorrow Building is a result of our innovative approach to design. This former hotel has been transformed into a unique co-operative living project that offers residents an experimental and sustainable lifestyle. Featuring apartments ranging from 350 to 500 square feet, common areas for socializing, micro kitchens in each unit, and centrally located community kitchens, this building truly represents our commitment to adaptive reuse and creating spaces that foster a sense of community.


The Read House — Chattanooga, TN

Our expertise in restoration and modernization shines through in our work on The Read House. This historic downtown hotel underwent a complete renovation, where we restored the exterior facade and redesigned the upper floors to offer spacious and modern guest rooms and amenities. The project perfectly blended the original charm of the hotel with contemporary comforts, resulting in a stunning space for guests to enjoy.


AMC Majestic 12 — Chattanooga, TN

Artech Design Group's dedication to sustainable design is evident in our work on the AMC Majestic 12, the first LEED-certified movie theater in Chattanooga. This 12-plex theater, situated in the heart of the city, offers moviegoers a state-of-the-art experience with digital and 3-D projection capabilities. The Ovation Club VIP auditorium, complete with large reclining seats, bar service, and expanded food options from an adjoining kitchen, exemplifies our commitment to creating comfortable and eco-friendly entertainment spaces.

The Fehn.jpg

The Fehn — Chattanooga, TN

Located on the site of the former Fehn's Restaurant, The Fehn Luxury Condominiums showcase our ability to combine luxury living with breathtaking views. This six-story building features units that face the Tennessee River, offering residents spectacular vistas. With a 100' lawn leading to the river's edge, views encompass Maclellan Island, the Hunter Museum's cliffs, as well as the city and Lookout Mountain. The Fehn represents our expertise in designing spaces that not only provide comfort but also embrace the natural beauty of the surroundings.

Artech Design Group's extensive portfolio showcases our passion for architecture and interior design, our commitment to enhancing client success, and our dedication to sustainable and innovative solutions. From adaptive reuse projects to revitalizing historic buildings, our expertise transforms spaces into functional, aesthetically pleasing environments. We continue to make a difference in local communities, leaving a lasting impact through sustainable and green design practices. Trust Artech for your architecture and interior design needs, and experience the Artech difference.

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