Terry Skwierc

Terry’s father was an auto mechanic. It was not unusual to have exotic cars brought home to diagnose, and ongoing side projects, classic cars, or motorcycles. As a teen, his career path was clear. However, a love for drawing, and an early high school exposure to drafting, gradually shifted his interests at a time when Computer Aided Drafting was moving the industry in a new direction. Terry quickly realized he had a proficiency for computers and software, so drawing on the computer was appealing. He completed classes as a Draftsman at a local technical college. He landed a job with a survey company, preparing as-built drawings across the country. Past summer jobs in construction gave him some experience in building construction, however; this job gave him better insight into architectural design, which would be invaluable later in his career. After getting married, he decided to pursue a job that would allow him to stay close to home. In 2007 he joined a firm in Chattanooga that specialized in hospitality and medical projects. In 2012, a friend mentioned that a job with Artech Design Group had opened, and they were interested in him applying. This presented an opportunity to work on commercial projects, with more variety. Since joining the team, he has grown professionally, learning from experienced architects and designers. He is passionate about architecture, but also enjoys music, technology, spending time with family and the occasional car project with Dad.