Rick Thompson

Lincoln Logs, forts and treehouses built from scrap materials off of construction sites, pastel drawings in elementary school, and art and mechanical drafting classes in high school were all early foundations for Rick’s future career choice in architecture. The creative bug was always there, but the real-world appreciation for the impact that architecture has on our lives has been a great career journey for him.

Auburn University opened Rick’s eyes to a lifelong journey into the world of design and especially architecture. While he is grateful for the especially interesting and meaningful projects that he has had the opportunity to work on; the most rewarding part of his responsibilities as the marketing & business development principal, has been the cultivation of friendships over the years with clients, coworkers and consultants. From a civic and professional service perspective, Rick is active in the Downtown Kiwanis Club, serves as the current Chairman of the Tennessee Architects & Engineers Board of Examiners and has served on the Chattanooga Sports Committee, past Chair, The Chattanooga Convention & Visitors Bureau, past chair, and other community/education boards.

In addition to working on projects ranging from healthcare, education, recreation, offices, Artech developed a national reputation and recognition for the design and development of multi-screen movie theaters and entertainment centers for multiple national theatre chains and we are still on top of that game. On a personal note, at the top of Rick’s to-do list, is more family time and exploration of the world of fly fishing.