Mark Wynnemer

As long as he can remember, Mark has liked drawing and then building things. Not believing he could make a career in Lego, he decided to try architecture school instead. Despite the trepidations of several professors, he managed to earn a degree in architecture from the University of Miami. In twenty years of practice in south Florida he gained experience in any building type that he could get his hands on: single family residential to high rise condominiums; restaurants to large multi-use commercial centers. The sub-tropical environment was a great teacher in how to make a building envelope that can stand the test of time and extreme weather.

Nineteen years ago, Mark moved to Chattanooga and went to work for Artech. As a project manager, he has shepherded all sorts of projects from design thru construction; here in the Chattanooga area and through-out the southeast region. Mark enjoys mentoring the younger members of the firm in the architect’s role in the process and in how to select materials and detail them. Sometimes they listen.

When he’s not working you might find Mark out walking in the woods or building things in his garage – nothing out of Lego recently, but maybe on the next project.