Kacee Brown

Kacee was bound to follow in the footsteps of her contractor father and architect sister, but it wasn’t until watching the show Trading Spaces that she understood what interior design was about. She was amazed to see how some thriftiness, ingenuity and creativity could turn a lackluster space into something functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Kacee attended The University of Alabama to pursue an interior design degree, before following her sister to Chattanooga in 2005 thanks in part to its reputation for urban revitalization and focus on enhancing an already beautiful city. She began working in commercial design for a local firm, where she learned the basics of what a career in interior design entailed. Kacee came to Artech in 2007 and has since spread her wings into many facets of design. The love of designing and transforming spaces into a beautiful and functional environment has yet to lose its appeal, and she looks forward to many more projects on the horizon.