Jarrod Hall

Growing up in his father’s precision machining company, Jarrod acquired an early appreciation for things that fit together perfectly. As a child reading fantasy novels and playing with Legos for hours on end, he came to understand architecture’s impact on how we perceive our own environments. Jarrod is a philosophical disciple of Samuel Mockbee, James Agee and Walker Evans. While in school, he worked as CNC and woodshop supervisor in the University of Tennessee’s fabrication laboratory, or FabLab. He is a Knoxville native and Chattanooga transplant who struggles to find direction in his design career, owing to a broad range of interests in the field. He enjoys materiality and rhythm in design and hopes to one day be able to run his own boutique firm, designing houses and heading up adaptive re-use projects.

Jarrod holds a bachelor’s degree in architecture from the University of Tennessee in Knoxville and is currently in pursuit of his license to practice architecture.