David Hudson

David’s earliest memories of architecture are of creating and drawing floor plans using his mother’s marble coffee table as a “drafting board”. Even though she would get angry at him for leaving tape and graphite on her beautiful table, she still encouraged David to keep drawing. He has always loved creating but did not understand “creativity” until college. There, he learned how to turn his creativity toward solving complex design problems. David’s favorite part of architecture is the initial creation of the concept and helping the client put forward their vision.

After graduating from Auburn University and working for a couple of local firms, Rick and David started Artech on a shoestring budget. As the managing principal, David is responsible for strategic and operational aspects of the firm. He has served on several local non-profit boards and currently serves on the Chattanooga Form Based Code Committee and the Stormwater Management Board.

David has worked on a wide variety of projects including education, health care, retail and adaptive re-use. His favorite project type is in urban environments where he can help improve the public realm.