Why Interior Design and Architecture Matters For Businesses

Whether you own a salon, a restaurant, a corporation, or another business, the architecture and design of your space is important. Anyone who's ever felt crammed in a cubicle, deafened by a loud restaurant, or felt anxious sitting in the waiting room of a doctors office can attest to this.

At Artech, our experienced architects and designers have helped many businesses use their space more efficiently through thoughtful planning and design. See just some of the ways commercial architecture can help businesses succeed and grow.

Restaurant Architecture

Restaurant guests and servers alike can benefit from a well thought out restaurant design. Servers need clear pathways to provide the most efficient service, while customers need a comfortable place to enjoy a meal. Bad restaurant design can result in acoustic problems, bottlenecks for servers, and an overall less enjoyable dining experience.

Salon and Spa Architecture

In the beauty and spa industry, relaxation is the name of the game. The best salons and spas make clients feel relaxed and welcomed as soon as they enter the door. In these types of designs, it's also important to think about privacy. The spacing of treatment rooms needs to be properly planned, and the waiting area should be comfortable for those waiting.

Biophilic design is a great way to enhance salon and spa space. For example, abundant greenery, the sound of running water, and other natural design elements can have a positive effect on clientele.

Office Design

If you want happy, hard-working employees, design your office space to help them perform at their best. For example, creative, team-based businesses can benefit from a free-flowing open floor plan. On the other hand, employees who need more privacy may enjoy cubicles or private office spaces. Office architects can work with your business to design a space that's just right for your team.

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