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What To Know When Building Your First Custom Home

Building a custom home is exciting. You get to work closely with your architect to design a layout that works for your family, choose all the finishes to your liking, and build a home that feels unique and perfect for you.

But, building a custom home comes with its own challenges and nuances. In this guide, we'll go over some important information that can help you better prepare for the custom home building process.

1.) The perfect lot can be hard to find

Finding the perfect lot to build your custom home on can be hard.

For example, finding a lot in a neighborhood where there hasn't been a custom home or lot sale recently can be tricky. If there's no precedent on how much a custom home build or lot will cost in the area, it's hard to make an offer. The more data you have using past sales, the easier it is to determine how much your custom home build will cost.

When available lots are sparse, you may be looking at lots that are a little different from your version of the "perfect lot". Maybe it has a slope, there's an existing house you'll need to tear down, or has other topography issues. Visualizing your dream home on a less-than-perfect lot can be difficult for people without a trained builder or architectural eye. However, seemingly less than ideal lots can actually be great opportunities. That's why it's important to hire an architectural firm throughout the lot-finding process.

2.) Think about furniture placement

When building your rooms, think about the amount and sizes of furniture you'll need to include. In the kitchen, think about cabinet size, whether you want a large island, if you want a dine-in section, etc. Communicating these wants to your architect can help them design a space that will work for your preferences. Having a clear idea of the interior design you want can also help them determine where to put windows for natural light, where to install outlets, and more.

Artech can help both homeowners and builders design interior spaces that work for everyday life.

3.) Communication is key

While you may have a clear vision of your dream home inside of your head, being able to effectively communicate that vision is key to get your desired results. Whether that's bringing in inspiration photos or sketching out your ideas, it's important to work closely with your architect during all stages of the building process. You should also visit the house often to see how it's progressing. If you notice any mistakes, bring them up! Mistakes can happen, but catching them early can cost you precious time and money.

If you’re a busy homeowner, trust Artech to oversee the construction process on your new home.

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