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The Latest Trends in Multifamily Residential Architectural Design

While other industries experience economic turbulence, the need for rental housing is steadily rising. Employment has increased for nearly everyone in recent years, but people still aren’t able to afford to buy a home. Millennials, young professionals, and empty-nesters desire affordable apartment living that’s rich in amenities and that has a sense of community. The country’s top architecture firms give them what they want with innovative apartment building design elements and purposeful use of space. Here are some trends to watch in multifamily residential architecture.

Micro Units: Smaller Spaces That are Big on Style

While many people would love an apartment that’s close to the action of their city’s center, most of them have been priced out of the market due to stagnated wages and soaring rental prices. Developers create more affordable housing in these prime urban areas by including micro units in their apartment buildings. Micro units are often up to 10 percent smaller than the average apartment. This allows developers to fit more units in a building and charge less for them.

Micro units feature multifunctional spaces that fit the busy lifestyles of urban professionals and retired persons who want low-maintenance living areas. A multifamily architect may include upscale amenities such as built-in bookcases, shelves, and storage to help tenants declutter.

Common Area Focus

Studies show that Millennials and other urban professionals love their apartments’ city views, but they don’t spend a lot of time in their units. They prefer using the common areas of their buildings to meet other tenants and entertain their guests. The residential architecture of newer buildings reflects this trend by featuring common areas that are more user-friendly for large-group gatherings. You’ll see gourmet kitchens in community rooms, expensive flooring, and pristine infinity pools on rooftop terraces.

Sustainable, Money-Saving Design and Fixture Updates

Using eco-friendly designs and appliances in apartment buildings are other ways that builders make stylish housing affordable to the new middle class. Modern apartments have rain barrel collection systems that supplement landscape irrigation resources. Builders place tech-based monitors on low-flush toilets to track water usage and alert facility managers of leaks. Multi-family property owners realize significant savings that allow them to offer upmarket apartment units at competitive prices.

Designs That Support Live-Work Amenities

It’s common for many employers to allow their workforce to work remotely for several days per week. Newly designed apartments deliver perks that support flexible work scenarios. Some builders allocate individual workstation space within apartment business centers. Other developers offer media-ready conference rooms that have high-speed, wireless internet.

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