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The Importance of Cinema Architecture to a Movie-Going Experience

With various affordable streaming services out there, movie theaters need to keep finding new ways to attract audiences and encourage them to choose a night at the theater over staying home. Providing additional food and alcoholic beverages is one way they’ve been doing this, but architecture is also key.

Because consumers now have the option of watching high-quality movies from the comfort of their own homes, an important component of the evolution of the movie theater industry has been to recreate the comfort of the patrons’ living rooms in the movie theater. Whereas theater design used to consist of packing theaters with thousands of viewers, now patrons prize comfort and visibility and are willing to pay a premium for it. As a result, our theater designs invite customers to come in and relax with larger and more comfortable chairs, while making it easier than ever for the staff to serve them.

The social aspect of going out to a movie is also integral to attracting customers, and cinema architecture needs to be able to capitalize on this fact by providing spaces outside the auditoriums for patrons to hang out and socialize. The addition of restaurants, bars, and party rooms have all been an important aspect of providing consumers with an enhanced social experience to help keep them in the theater beyond the duration of the movie itself.

Adaptability is also a necessary part of theater design. As the movie industry continues to evolve at a rapid rate to keep up with technology and the changing demands of their consumers, the cinema architecture needs to be flexible enough to allow theaters to change and adapt to meet the needs of their customers. We’ve seen an uptick in demand for green buildings on college campuses and beyond, so why not theaters as well? Our team created the first LEED certified movie theater further proving that architecture trends can be applied to any industry.

Shopping centers are commonplace for a theater to reside, and we take into consideration not just our client and their patrons, but the company around them as well. A well designed theater in a great location is a huge draw to get people off of the couch and out to the theater. With the ability to shop, eat, and drink all within a few blocks of the theater, patrons can create a full night of activities.

Finally, cinema design creates an environment for patrons to feel comfortable while they’re being entertained. Good cinema design can accomplish this and turn patrons into your biggest fans as they rave about the theater’s ambience throughout the entire experience – from the time they buy their ticket to the moment they walk out the door.