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Interior and Architectural Trends You'll Find in 2018

While classic choices in design and architecture maintain an element of prestige, there are undeniable trends in color and style that are worth noticing. Each new year ushers in changes – some are subtle, and others are much more dramatic. At Artech, we keep an eye on these new trends and approach each new project with current trends, client needs, and sustainability in mind.

In 2018, one of the main trends we're seeing is locality. By approaching projects with the locality in mind, it can help local economies, and provide a unique, beautiful space. Other institution-specific trends we're noticing are listed below:


The hospitality industry is moving away from generic colors and furnishings toward what makes that specific hotel, movie theater, or shopping mall location unique. This may include using local artisans to create design elements, such as accessories and fixtures. It could also incorporate use of area-specific elements for which that location is known. Whether accomplished with design features or actual materials, style choices are becoming centered around the areas colors, vibe, and overall style.


Usability and comfort continue to be the driving factors in medical center design. This is achieved through color choice, use of light, and effective use of space. For example, colors like the neutral tones of beige and gray create a restful environment.

The design trends that architecture firms are embracing for healthcare waiting areas incorporate the colors of nature with the indoors. The intention is to create an environment that’s comfortable, feels healthy, and adds energy. This can be accomplished through natural tones, large windows, and careful material selection.


There’s intense pressure for educational facilities, both K – 12 and at the university level, to keep up with training students for job preparedness in the science and technology fields. As such, architecture firms are charged with designing and renovating facilities that accommodate labs and media centers for hands-on experience.

Traditional classrooms are being replaced with collaborative work areas on many college campuses.

A rise in educational technology has changed the way classrooms are structured. With tablets, laptops, and other technology now available to students, education design is more focused on creating a collaborative environment where this technology can perform best. In addition, school security is of upmost importance to create an environment where students and teachers feel safe. We plan our education projects with a focus on emerging technology, efficient use of space, and security, all while keeping the overall design at the top of our minds.

At Artech, our Chattanooga architecture and design firm has experience in a variety of industries and has the local and current trend knowledge needed for your project. Contact us today to learn more!