How Our Healthcare Design Firm is Rethinking Clinic Design

As with every other industry, the face of healthcare is changing and you need to be prepared for what the future of your industry will bring. If you’re looking to build a new space or renovate an old space, you’re going to need a healthcare design firm with the same vision of the future that you have.

Artech shares that vision. When approaching a new clinic design project, we don’t just consider your needs. We also consider the needs of your patients and future tenants who might occupy that space when you no longer need it.

Far from the cold steel and concrete most people imagine when they think of healthcare clinics, the clinics we have designed tend to be warm and welcoming, using stone and wood for a more natural appearance, and lots of large windows to let in plenty of sunlight, making your lobby an inviting place that makes patients want to come in and stay a while.

At the same, time, we recognize the need for patients to have privacy, which is why patient rooms and observation rooms have smaller windows that don’t allow outsiders to look in, while still creating a space that is well lit and comfortable.

Design is all about combining the aesthetic with the practical and nowhere is that more important than in clinic design. You want a space where patients feel comfortable and welcome, but you also need to be able to do your job and provide them with the best possible care, which means privacy, accessibility, and adequate space for the proper storage of all your medical equipment.

Our previous clinic designs have made a conscious effort to get away from the traditional clinic concept and instead have included more attractive options, such as the “mall concept” for our Cumberland Medical Center project.

Other projects have included furnishings and furniture, in addition to the interior design of the space itself. In those areas, we like to maintain a warm atmosphere with plenty of lighting, wood floors, and comfortable furniture that patients and their families can settle into while waiting to see the doctor or for their loved one to finish having a procedure done. Eye-catching geometrical shapes have been incorporated into our clinic designs, as well as interesting artwork, all to make the space feel less like a clinic and more like a home.

If you’re looking to redesign your healthcare space or start from the ground up, contact our healthcare design firm!