How Campus Planning Can Foster Intellectual Growth

At Artech, we have architects that specialize in many fields, including educational architecture. They know how to create classroom and campus spaces to promote a better atmosphere for learning, while keeping design in mind. By utilizing educational space to its full advantage, renovations and rebuilds of schools and campuses can create an area that takes advantage of both function and aesthetic. This generates an environment that benefits hard working students and faculty members alike.

An experienced architecture firm can break up the monotony of a typical box building and transform it into a functional work of art. Through proper campus planning for renovations or new builds, no space has to go to waste.

Effectiveness Fosters Higher Education

At Artech, we’ve seen campus redesigns give students an impressive boost in morale, and a sense of pride in their school. Why is that important for a campus to thrive? By fostering a new environment for learning, students are likely to make smarter choices and have a more positive attitude while learning. It's very much like a working environment – there’s a reason that high morale is important for workers, so why wouldn't it be just as important for students? With good morale comes better moods and with better moods comes higher productivity.

Take East Hamilton Middle High School for example. We divided it into color-coded wings, making the halls easier to maneuver for some 1,650 students. Having a system set up that is integrated into the overall layout of the school's building design can cut down on confusion, wasted time, and discomfort for students and faculty to have to deal with.

Classroom Specific Builds Versus Generic Builds

Our classroom architects maximize daylight to give spaces a more warm and welcoming appearance through our classroom renovations. By hiring a classroom architect, you're not getting just any architect – you’re getting someone who knows the unique problems and requirements school buildings have, and how to overcome those challenges. Schools are a place where many students spend the majority of their time, and by hiring an experienced firm, you’ll give your students a sense of pride and comfort in their home away from home.

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