Office Architecture and Interior Design Concept

Well-designed commercial spaces can improve productivity, lift employee morale, help attract the best job applicants, and give a good impression to clients, visitors, and business partners.

Trends in architectural design and office interior design are often reliable guides for how to create the best commercial spaces. As you consider how to construct or remodel your space in 2019, what are some trends to pay attention to?

Emphasizing Collaboration

Just as people use technology to collaborate on projects across great distances, they demand physical...


Starting the development on a building is an exciting time. The most important variable in regards to the completion of the project is the architect. The architect is responsible for making sure that the building appears and functions as originally intended. Before you start your next project, let this list assist you in the process as you research different architecture firms.

Look For Referrals

Architects primarily receive work through networking. As you research different firms, ask your friends and associates if they have any...

Modern Movie Theater Architecture

While classic choices in design and architecture maintain an element of prestige, there are undeniable trends in color and style that are worth noticing. Each new year ushers in changes – some are subtle, and others are much more dramatic. At Artech, we keep an eye on these new trends and approach each new project with current trends, client needs, and sustainability in mind.

In 2018, one of the main trends we're seeing is locality. By approaching projects with the locality in mind, it can help local economies, and provide a unique, beautiful space. Other institution-specific trends...

Our team has designed and built state-of-the-art entertainment facilities including cinemas, restaurants and more.

With various affordable streaming services out there, movie theaters need to keep finding new ways to attract audiences and encourage them to choose a night at the theater over staying home. Providing additional food and alcoholic beverages is one way they’ve been doing this, but architecture is also key.


At Artech, we have architects that specialize in many fields, including educational architecture. They know how to create classroom and campus spaces to promote a better atmosphere for learning, while keeping design in mind. By utilizing educational space to its full advantage, renovations and rebuilds of schools and campuses can create an area that takes advantage of both function and aesthetic. This generates an environment that benefits hard working students and faculty members alike.

An experienced architecture firm can break up the monotony of a typical box building and...


As with every other industry, the face of healthcare is changing and you need to be prepared for what the future of your industry will bring. If you’re looking to build a new space or renovate an old space, you’re going to need a healthcare design firm with the same vision of the future that you have.

Our Team

When it comes to hiring corporate architecture firms, it is essential that you look for established professional companies with proven track records. Designing for commercial and institutional environments requires skills and certifications pertinent to each industry. You want a firm that is creative and innovative, knowledgeable in contemporary construction methodology and local code compliance, and responsive to project time constraints and budgets. Read on to see three things to look for when hiring a corporate architecture firm for your next project.


Today, many businesses are emphasizing the importance of energy efficient design and sustainability. For our designers at Artech, the reasons are clear: 2016 was the hottest year on record, according to NASA, and the world's natural resources like water, coal, and land are becoming increasingly scarce. To add to that, buildings account for over one-third of the world's energy consumption. As such, we see the need for environmentally-friendly...