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The Outdoor Chattanooga Center was a vacant block building located along the Tennessee River and adjacent to Coolidge Park – a popular outdoor destination. The original block shell and concrete floor, along with the existing steel bar joists were salvaged and re-used. Utilizing the existing structure, the new design created a clerestory with wood trusses that allows the space to be lit by daylight even on overcast days. The sloped roof collects rainwater to a cistern used to flush toilets, while the flat roof is covered with a green-roof system. The use of garage doors and operable windows allow outside activities in and maintain the connection between the center’s administrative functions and the outside. Recycled, renewable and local materials were used throughout the project. The 6,000 square foot facility was designed with the goal of LEED Silver Certification.

Outdoor Chattanooga was selected as Green Building of America Award-winner.